LAKE November 2014

GCI Design

LAKE 2014

…Purchasing a condo on Lake Martin provided the owners of GCI Design, Inc., with a lake getaway specifically tailored to family and friends with casual living in mind.

When the Carlees closed on the 1,830-square-foot unit, demolition began in earnest. In addition to the work the previous owners had started, the Carlees removed all of the unit's flooring, sheetrock, insulation, electrical, plumbing, appliances, windows and HVAC, so they would have a clean slate for the new layout.

Georgia and David wanted to include natural elements and materials in the design and to address the need for durable, low maintenance finishes. The challenge was to create a comfortable space with a lake cabin feel and maximize its spectacular views.

They started with a neutral palette of white, brown and grey with accents of red to add vibrancy and recall their alma mater. They incorporated natural stone, solid wood walls, oak flooring, quartzite countertops, cedar beams, cattle fencing and vintage lighting throughout.

"It was a two bedroom/two bath unit when we started. We added approximately 250 square feet by putting in a third bedroom and bathroom on the second floor and expanding the kitchen and loft office space without changing the outer wall footprint. It's now approximately 2,100 square feet." Georgia explained. …