HGTV Magazine 2016

GCI Design, Inc.

styled by Lynn Nesmith, photographs by David A. Land

HGTV Magazine ~ October 2016

…the space hadn’t been updated since it was built in 1982. “Other buyers didn’t know what to do with it,” says Georgia, a designer who owns her own firm.

Although the unit had 27-foot ceilings (amazing, right?!), its two bedrooms and two bathrooms felt scanty considering the square footage. “I’m guessing people thought it was too small, but I knew we could get another floor in there,” she says.

They also added shiplap to the walls and ceiling — plus plenty of modern touches that make it feel like a stylish year-round home rather than a rustic weekend retreat. “I purposely did not decorate it like a typical lake house,” says Georgia. “There are no ‘What happens at the lake stays at the lake’signs here!”.