About GCI Design, Inc.
G Carlee

Who We Are

GCI Design is a licensed interior design firm founded in 2002. Georgia Carlee, owner, principal, and ASID interior designer, demands a company saturated in custom design and client satisfaction. Her masters degree from the University of Alabama and years of success with Fortune 500 architectural firms serve as the platform for her business. Georgia Carlee is a nationally recognized interior designer whose work has been broadcast on television and featured in serveral top industry publications. Today, GCI Design consistently evolves to embrace individuality and exceed client expectations.

What We Offer

GCI Design is a complete interior design firm with the knowledge, resources, and experience to implement all phases of the design process. Specializing in pre-construction homes, GCI interacts directly with the client, architect, and builder to ensure the client’s needs and original concepts are represented throughout. We are careful to integrate exterior details with interior finishes and furnishings to provide each home with its own identity. In addition, we provide professional interior design services for those who simply need guidance in furnishing their home. By working directly with subcontractors and overseeing on-site specifics, locally and throughout the country, GCI is able to customize every project for each individual client.

What The Press Is Saying

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