Kitchen & Bath Ideas 2013

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Kitchen & Bath Ideas 2013

…With the footprint and function parameters established, Carlee used finishes and fixtures to make the room both practical and pretty. She began by enlarging an existing pass-through and adding an overhanging countertop and two bar-height chairs on the living room side. "When they are intertwining, people can sit there and feel a part of the kitchen without adding more bodies in the space," she says.

Carlee added another overhanging countertop on the kitchen island- perfect for two additional matching chairs on one side but generous enough for a built-in wine cabinet and ice maker on the other. Although the kitchen's square footage is not expansive, the appliances are full size - range and fridge in the existing L-shape bank of cabinets, sink and dishwasher just steps away along the galley wall. Carlee also extended upper cabinets to the ceiling to provide as much storage as possible and to create the illusion of additional height.

Inspiration for the room's color scheme came from the granite countertop picked out by one of the clients. "She knew exactly what she wanted," Carlee says. "And those dusty lavender and organic brown undertones in the patterning were just getting popular."

The designer spun the room's colors off that palette, choosing a warm beige for cabinetry, a pretty paisley for the chairs, and a lovely selection of lights and darks for the mosaic tile backsplash. "It's a neutral background, but it's interesting and timeless," she says. "In 10 years, it's not going to be this time capsule that has to be changed."