Kitchen & Bath Ideas 2012

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Kitchen & Bath Ideas 2012

Master baths should be more than simply functional. They should be comfortable and stylish, too. This master bath in a Florida home includes abundant storage to ease the morning routine. Interior designer Georgia Carlee planned conveniences to keep favorite grooming products at the homeowners' fingertips.

"I wanted to create as much storage as possible without everything feeling too solid," Carlee says. She gutted the bath, then created two walls of storage that radiate from a corner cabinet, which houses both a television and an appliance garage. Two rows of open storage were added, one above the cabinetry wall and one below.

…The room's soothing color palette started with the client's vision, plus a piece of granite with beiges, lavenders, plums, and creams that struck a chord. "This piece of granite has a lot of movement to it," Carlee says. "Its a durable, easy-to-clean very functional countertop."

The granite's dark tones are picked up by the deep, rich color of the walnut cabinets. And the stone's creamy background is reflected in a shower surround and floor of shell-stone tiles that infuse the room with brightness. "It was so refreshing to use neutral tones with lots of contrast," Carlee says. "With the room's natural materials and simplified cabinet design, everything really works well for a relaxing master bath retreat."