Traditional Home Sept ’08

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Traditional Home Sept 'o8

…While interior designs are up to individual homeowners, the overall green message of the (Alys Beach) community seems to be making an impact. When Georgia Carlee, an interior designer from nearby Santa Rosa Beach, designed a model home at Alys Beach, she chose nearly all eco-friendly furnishings and finishes. "The home is so light and airy with so many natural materials, it didn't seem right to put anything artificial in there," she says. "I wanted natural textures to go with the home's feel."

…More of Carlee's clients are asking for sustainable and eco-wise furnishings and accessories for their homes. "In the past year I've had more requests than ever," she says. "People are going to a more simple style. They don't want all these frilly, fussy things. They just want to live easy and have a comfortable environment, one that makes them feel good inside and out."